Brazil (State of Paraiba): Paraiba Second Rural Poverty Reduction Project

November 25, 2008

IBRD Loan: US$20.9 Million Dollars
TERMS: Maturity = 19 years; Grace = 4 years
Project Description: The Paraiba Second Rural Poverty Reduction Project for Brazil aims to support the Government of Paraiba's efforts to reduce the incidence of rural poverty by: (a) improving access to small-scale socioeconomic infrastructure and services; (b) raising incomes and capital assets through investments in productive activities while facilitating linkages between small producers and national and international markets; and (c) strengthening the capacity of Municipal Councils (MCs) and Community Associations (CAs) to raise funding and harmonize policies and institutional arrangements for delivery of public investments intended to benefit the rural poor.

Media Contacts
Gabriela Aguilar
Tel : (202) 473-6768