Bosnia and Herzegovina: Second Solid Waste Management Project

November 25, 2008

IBRD Loan: US$25 Million Dollars
TERMS: Maturity = 20 years; Grace = 8 years
IDA Credit: US$15 Million Dollars
TERMS: Maturity = 40 years; Grace = 10 years
Project Description: The Second Solid Waste Management Project for Bosnia and Herzegovina aims to improve the availability, quality, environmental soundness, and financial viability of solid waste management services in participating utilities/regions. There are three components to the project. Component A: waste management. This component invests in rehabilitating existing disposal sites, closing wild dumps, improving collection infrastructure, supporting equipment purchases, and to a limited extent, converting existing small dump sites to transfer stations. Component B: capacity building. This component provides technical assistance and engineering services to participating regions and will finance institutional strengthening and capacity-building activities benefiting the entity-level institutions involved in solid waste management. Component C: project management and operating cost. This component supports Project Management Unit (PMU) operation in both entities and assists project implementation.

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