Benin- Energy Services Delivery Project (APL-1) - Additional Financing (S)

June 26, 2008

IDA Credit: US$7 million
TERMS: Maturity = 40 Years; Grace Period = 10 Years
Project Description: The development objectives of the original Energy Services Delivery Project (ESDP) are to (a) accelerate, in a commercially viable manner, the use of electricity for economic growth and social services and thus improve the quality of life in un-served and underserved areas (peri-urban and rural); (b) improve governance and ensure the financial sustainability of the sector, through the involvement of the private sector in partnership with the public sector, (c) reduce deforestation and increase access and diversify choice of renewable and cleaner fuels to the household and small and medium-sized enterprise sectors; and (d) promote regional cooperation while protecting the environment in a sustainable manner. This Additional Financing aims at scaling up these objectives.

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