Burkina Faso: Health Sector Support and Multisectoral AIDS-Additional Financing Grant

June 5, 2008

IDA Grant: US$15 Million
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The original project development objective, which remains unchanged in this additional financing, is to support implementation of the Government of Burkina Faso's health sector and multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS strategies, in order to accelerate progress toward the Millennium Development Goals. The original project has two components. Component (A) provides support for the national health strategy for: (i) improved quality and utilization of maternal and child health services; (ii) malaria prevention and treatment; and (iii) treatment for HIV/AIDS and sexually transmissible infections. Component (B) supports the National HIV/AIDS Strategy through a pooled fund at the National AIDS Council to: (i) improve knowledge of HIV prevention and encourage adoption of lower risk
behaviors, among high-risk groups as well as the general population; and (ii) mitigate the socioeconomic consequences o f the AIDS epidemic through improved coverage of social safety nets.

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