Ethiopia: Urban Local Government Development Project

May 29, 2008

IDA Credit: USD$ 150 Million
TERMS: Maturity = 40 Years; Grace Period = 10 Years
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The aims of the Urban Local Government Development Project (ULGDP) for Government of Ethiopia (GOE) is to support improved performance in the planning, delivery and sustained provision of priority municipal services and infrastructure by urban local governments. The outcomes of the project are: (i) effective and responsive planning to meet service delivery priorities identified by citizens (allocative efficiency participation objective); (ii) improved financial management and mobilization of own resources and more effective operations and maintenance of infrastructure assets (sustainability objective); (iii) improved dissemination to the public of budgets/plans and performance measures (accountability objective); and (iv) effective implementation of Capital Investment Plans (service delivery improvement objective).

Media Contacts
Aby Konate
Tel : (202) 473-8302