Romania: Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project – Loan & GEF Grant

October 30, 2007

IBRD LOAN: €50 million
TERMS: Maturity = 15 years; Grace period = 5 years;
GEF Grant: US$5.5 million
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Romania Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project aims to support the Government of Romania meet EU environment standards on nitrates. Through an integrated program demonstrating links with other environmental investments, especially sanitation and waste management, the project will help reduce nutrient discharges to water bodies, promote behavioural change at the community level, and strengthen institutional and regulatory capacity. The project will support four components: (i) a menu of investments focusing on Nitrate Vulnerable Zone-designated communities in ten river basins and eleven counties; (ii) capacity building within the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and their National Administration for Romanian Waters, as well as other national, regional, and county agencies involved with the nitrates directive; (iii) a broad public awareness and information campaign focused on investment replication and behaviour change; and (iv) project management units.

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