Ghana: Energy Development and Access project

July 26, 2007

IDA CREDIT: US$95.5 million
GEF GRANT: US$5.5 million
IDA CREDIT TERMS: Grace = 10 years; Maturity = 40 years
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: In support of Ghana’s multi-faceted energy sector strategy, the Energy Development and Access project will provide grants to developers of renewable energy generation projects ─ such as small hydropower, wind, and biomass ─ for the benefit of communities outside the main national grid system. It will also finance the establishment of an independent Rural Electrification Agency, which will coordinate all rural electrification programs. In all, 134,000 new customers in rural towns and villages will be connected to the national power grid by the project's end.

Media Contacts
Christopher Walshat
Tel : (202) 473 4594