Kenya: Total War Against HIV and AIDS Project

June 26, 2007

IDA CREDIT: US$80 million
TERMS: Grace = 10 years; Maturity = 40 years.
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The project will assist Kenya to further reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, which dropped from over 13 percent in 2001 to about 6 percent in 2005, by further strengthening the governance of the National AIDS Control Council—the lead agency for designing strategies and overseeing the implementation of programs to control the pandemic. The programs include the use of grant funds by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which will be subjected to rigorous and transparent processes of selection, implementation monitoring and performance. This approach includes greater community oversight and blacklisting of NGOs that do not perform.

Media Contacts
Beldina Auma-Owuor
Tel : (202) 458 7307