Ethiopia: Road Sector Development Stage III Project (APL3)

May 31, 2007

IDA CREDIT: US$225 million
TERMS: Grace period = 10 years; Maturity = 40 years
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The main objectives of this project are to assist the Government of Ethiopia in strengthening and increasing its road transport infrastructure and improving the reliability thereof; and strengthening the institutional capacity in quality and efficiency of road construction, management and maintenance; and creating conditions conducive for the domestic construction industry to develop in the road transport sector. These objectives should lead to improving road conditions by strengthening existing road pavement structures and expanding road access to regional rural areas, with value for money, so as to enhance the efficiency of the existing main road network and improve access for the rural poor, supported by strengthened mechanisms to monitor and evaluate performance of contractors/consultants, construction costs, and unit rates.

Media Contacts
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