China: Shaanxi Ankang Road Development Project

March 13, 2007

IBRD LOAN: US$300.00 million


TERMS: Variable-Spread Loan with 20-year maturity and 5-year grace period


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The objective of the project is to assist the Borrower in improving passenger and freight traffic flows in an efficient and safe manner along the corridor from Ankang to Maoba in Shaanxi Province by: (i) enhancing road infrastructure capacity and network integration along the corridor Ankang-Maoba; (ii) increasing accessibility to markets and social services for the lower-income families in rural areas of Ankang; and (iii) strengthening Shaanxi Provincial Communications Department's capacity in managing the increasing number of kilometers of roads under its responsibility in the Shaanxi province and, in particular, within the Ankang region.

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