Lao PDR: Nam Theun 2 Social and Environment Project (NTSEP)

March 31, 2005

IDA GRANT AMOUNT: $20 million

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project will finance a portion of the Lao Government's equity in the Nam Theun 2 Power Company to fund specific environmental and social mitigation activities for environmental and social protection as well as for conservation, and would support continued independent project monitoring. The environmental and social programs funded by the project are spelled out in the project's safeguard documents and include support for the resettlement of affected communities and restoration of their livelihoods;wildlife management on the plateau and building the government's environmental management capacity; enforcement of laws and regulations on wildlife trade and non-sustainable resource use in the NT2 watershed; as well as support for the Dam Safety Review Panel and the Environmental and Social Panel of Experts to monitor impacts and mitigation measures under the project.


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