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Infographic February 12, 2021

Tackling the Sanitation Crisis in Rural Areas

Globally, two billion people lack basic sanitation services and among them, 673 million still practice open defecation. The sanitation crisis is most acute in rural areas, home to 91 percent of the people who defecate in the open and 72 percent of those without basic sanitation. Women and girls are disproportionally impacted by lack of access.

Learn more about the scope of this crisis and the efforts to tackle it in the infographic below. Download the high-res version HERE.  


For more information about the projects cited in the infographic, click the World Bank project portal: 
  • INDIA:  Swachh Bharat Mission Support Operation
  • VIETNAM: Results-based Scaling Up Rural Sanitation and Water Supply Program
  • INDONESIA: Third Water Supply and Sanitation for Low-Income Communities / Community Based Water Supply Project (PAMSIMAS III)
  • PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Water Supply and Sanitation Development Project
  • LAO PDR: Scaling-Up Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Project
  • TANZANIA: Sustainable Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program
  • NEPAL: Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project
  • KYRGYZ REPUBLIC: Sustainable Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project
  • NIGER:  Integrated Water Security Platform Project (Niger-IWSP Project)
  • BURKINA FASO: Water Supply and Sanitation Program