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FEATURE STORYSeptember 28, 2023

Meet: Tianshu Zhang, Treasury Junior Analyst '23

Tianshu Zhang headshot

Meet Tianshu

  • Tianshu is a Junior Analyst on the Quantitative Solutions and Analytics team in the Treasury Operations Department.
  • She is a Chinese national and graduated from Smith College in the United States with a Bachelor of Arts in quantitative economics and mathematical statistics.
  • She wants to learn more about quantitative analysis in investment management and intends to pursue a master’s degree after the Junior Analyst Program.
What’s your typical day as a Treasury Junior Analyst?
  • Review monthly investment reports and assist with performance reporting for client portfolios
  • Conduct performance exception reviews and support investment guideline monitoring
  • Develop analytical tools that automate the reporting and analysis process
  • Assist and attend RAMP trainings held by senior colleagues on the team

What is your greatest challenge and success as a Junior Analyst?

The greatest challenge is transitioning from a student to a working professional. Compared to textbook- and lecture-based learning in college, the steep learning curve at work requires me to be more proactive in terms of learning and seeking feedback. My greatest success has been implementing performance analysis concepts in models and contributing to the team’s projects by leveraging my technical skills from college.

What do you appreciate most about the Junior Analyst Program?

The Junior Analyst Program provides me with the opportunity to contribute to the World Bank’s impact while also gaining technical and soft skills as a young professional. I am surrounded by colleagues who genuinely support my interest and learning while building my network with professionals from different cultures with diverse backgrounds.

Name your favorite aspect of the World Bank.

My favorite aspect of the World Bank is the freedom and flexibility to learn and explore. As a Junior Analyst, I can explore and tailor my learning and work to my interests. My team has been extremely helpful in supporting me in my exploration and helping me develop not only professionally but also personally. We have a shared library in our team where we exchange and share books and learning resources. There are always resources and support for anything I want to learn or explore.

I love working with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. It allows me to think from different perspectives and to be open to new ideas. My colleagues will share their experiences and cultures during lunch. It is interesting learning about their unique experiences and also finding similarities in different cultures. I am always surprised to see that we are more similar than different.
Fatimetou Mint Mohamed
Tianshu Zhang
Treasury Junior Analyst

What has been the involvement of senior colleagues with your work?

All the colleagues I have interacted with within the World Bank have been warm and supportive, including senior colleagues who have been very supportive and responsive to all my questions. My team lead will sit with me to walk through projects I am working on and provide timely feedback. My manager tries to learn my interests and direct me to the resources that best facilitate my development.

Why did you apply to the Summer Internship Program?

The World Bank stood out because of its work of combining finance and social impact. I want to work at a place where I can not only apply my quantitative skills in investment management but also create an impact with my work. The Summer Internship Program also offers a unique market perspective of international development.

How did the Treasury Summer Internship prepare you for this position?

The summer internship allowed me to learn more about Treasury's work and interact with colleagues on various teams. Throughout the internship, I rotated across front-, middle-, and back-office asset management teams and worked on various projects ranging from summarizing market news and backtesting MBS portfolio performance to creating a program that automates the pre-trade rules surveillance process. I developed different skills throughout my rotations and learned how to collaborate between teams within Treasury.

Treasury Summer Intern & Junior Analyst Experience Webinar (2023)

What are your goals after your two years as a Junior Analyst?

I intend to go to graduate school after my two years at the Bank. I want to gain a deeper understanding of finance and combine finance with quantitative analysis.

How has the Junior Analyst Program prepared you to achieve these goals?

The Junior Analyst Program allows me to explore my future career path in finance and build my quantitative skills.  I can now expand my network and improve my technical and soft skills.


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