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FEATURE STORYSeptember 18, 2023

Sixth staging of “Art from the Academy [Arte desde la Academia]”

The World Bank

"Cotidianidad" is one of the collective works presented at the VI Art from the Academy exhibition in Ecuador.

The sixth staging of “Art from the Academy” showcases 23 paintings and sculptures, different techniques ranging from oil to charcoal, and several genres, such as still-lifes, self-portraits, landscapes, among others.

The cooperation between the World Bank and the Faculty of Arts of the Central University of Ecuador [Universidad Central del Ecuador] began in 2019 as a window of opportunity for students to demonstrate their talent and creativity, and for the general public to appreciate their work. Not even the COVID-19 pandemic could hinder the ongoing support for this initiative. In 2020, the exhibition was mounted in a virtual gallery that allowed for innovation and showed that technology can also be an ally of art.

From the first exhibition up until now, more than 200 students have had the opportunity to show their works. Art from the Academy is an example of the World Bank's commitment to inclusion and education, and seeks to reaffirm the importance of human capital in driving a country's development.

The sixth exhibition opened on 14 September at the Center for Contemporary Art [Centro de Arte Contemporáneo] in Quito, and the works will be exhibited for a six-month period at the World Bank’s offices.

For Christian Viteri, Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Central University of Ecuador, "no two works are the same, and we can see that in this exhibition, where students and teachers put their stamp on it. But, in addition, the different offerings give a snapshot of the knowledge of the world by allowing for the contemplation of that which often goes unnoticed."

...for us as students and emerging artists, it is very important to be able to have a space where we can share our experiences, show our works, display our ideas, and express them.
Alejandro Barba
Visual Arts sixth-semester student

Alejandro Barba, a sixth semester Visual Arts student says "for us as students and emerging artists, it is very important to be able to have a space where we can share our experiences, show our works, display our ideas, and express them".

Juan Lema used a sackcloth, on which he painted a market that no longer exists today, thus representing the cultural richness and social dynamics that have been lost with the disappearance of this space.

Boris Weber, World Bank Representative, believes that this is an experience that allows us to get closer to young people and understand their concerns and visions, as well as stimulate their efforts and get feedback through their ideas and talent.

Sarita, Katherin, Dhgmar and Koseth are the creators of Everyday Life [Cotidianidad], a still-life that was painted collectively. They tell us that each part of their work has the mark of each one of them, and that agreeing and combining styles was not easy, but they did it, which demonstrates that in art it is also possible to work as a team.

The World Bank
World Bank Director for the Andean countries, Issam Abousleiman, and World Bank representative in Ecuador, Boris Weber, with professors, students, and artists from the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad Central del Ecuador.


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