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FEATURE STORY October 26, 2020

A Day in the World Bank Treasury: Obert, Financial Analyst


Meet Obert

  • A Day in Treasury Series introduces staff across departments, who come from different regions and have distinct perspectives on what it’s like to work with us and in the World Bank.
  • Obert grew up in Zambia and is a Financial Analyst on the Treasury Banking Operations team in the Treasury Operations Department.
  • His main role is to ensure our settled cash and fixed income positions align with many custodian banks and resolve discrepancies.

What do you do?

The World Bank Treasury processes over $7 trillion in annual cash flows and has assets under management over $150 billion. My primary responsibility is to ensure our settled cash and fixed income positions align with many custodian banks and resolve discrepancies.

What’s your typical day?

  1. Perform investment cash reconciliation to confirm all trades settled as expected.
  2. Execute fixed income reconciliation and notify relevant parties of any discrepancies.
  3. Perform Net Asset Value (NAV) reconciliations on assigned portfolios.
  4. Participate in new client onboarding activities.
  5. Work with team members on system upgrades/improvements.

How does your upbringing make you better at work?

I grew up in a close-knit yet culturally diverse community in Zambia, where mutual respect was the social fabric that kept us together. I believe respecting people, regardless of their background or beliefs, is essential to a healthy workplace. Simply put, it helps my team perform at their best.

What do you like most about the World Bank’s working culture?

I most appreciate that the World Bank strongly encourages development assignments. These are typically one-year assignments in which staff join another team to develop a related skill set. Staff apply for these assignments to pursue their passions, and some have used it to explore a new interest or share their expertise.

Why did you join the World Bank?

I joined to be a part of a team at the forefront of financial innovation while working to end poverty. Treasury has made many firsts, including the first formalized swap agreement in 1981 and issuing the world’s first blockchain bond.

If you could rewind, what would you have told yourself on Day One?

I would tell myself to grow my network within the World Bank. With over 10,000 employees, the institution has many colleagues willing to share their knowledge and expertise when asked.

What teams do you work with the most?

I mainly work with the cash settlements and quantitative solutions teams.

Create, Don't Just Participate

What have you accomplished since joining the World Bank Treasury?

The World Bank has nearly 2,000 accounts across 400 banks. Since joining Treasury, I have built expertise in global payment systems and best leverage them in a corporate treasury setting.

What’s your next goal?

Our team is in the middle of a significant system upgrade. My immediate goal is to help us ensure a successful implementation.

What’s your favorite perk about working for the World Bank?

The World Bank often hosts panel discussions on leading issues. I love being able to attend these fora and interact with notable guests, like Kenneth Rogoff, Mohamed El-Erian, Bill Gates, and Ben Bernanke, to name a few.