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FEATURE STORY March 7, 2019

Thinking Equal in China: Wang Danqing’s Path in Accessory Design


On International Women’s Day 2019, we are sharing stories of women doing inspiring work across China. Their diverse contributions highlight the transformative power of women in the country. Wang Danqing founded “Handmade Creation of Wang,” fashionable accessories combining traditional embroidery with modern design.

Tell us about yourself.   

I was born in the 1980s, educated in Guizhou and Beijing, and now live in Hangzhou.  I am the founder of a handicraft brand called “Handmade Creation of Wang”, and a mother of a three-year old child.

What inspires you to get up in the morning? What drives you?

I should say that I don’t want to be defeated by laziness. Getting up early makes one more energetic. I like that feeling.

What set you on this path?       

It was out of interest. The overlap of interest and career is a wonderful thing. Naturally you won’t feel tired and can achieve more.

What advice do you have for young women who want to take a similar path?  

There are thousands of paths. Choose one that you are interested in and follow your heart’s desire. Understand Chinese traditional culture and combine it with modern design concepts.  It is something that every Chinese should think about.

Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

 “Ten thousand years are too long. Seize the day, seize the hour!”

What are the biggest issues in China right now and how can they be addressed? 

It is good to be born in China.  We have experienced improvement in our living standards. I think the biggest problem right now is the general anxiety among people. Many people are afraid of not being able to keep up with the changing times. They are afraid of being abandoned by new things. Everyone is very anxious.

Where do you see China in 25 years?

China will resurge in 25 years, because we have laid a good foundation in the past 40 years of reform and opening, accumulated 5,000 years of culture, and developed the world's most sound industrial system. Friends around me all value the growth and education of their children. So I think China will stand on the top of the world again.

What change would you like to see that could bring greater equality in China? 

In a few remote areas, the older generation still prefers boys to girls. But in real life, women's status is already quite equal. In most families, particularly in cities, it is women who hold the decision-making power about major spending. I hope that we will not deliberately emphasize the differences between men and women, otherwise it can become radical feminism.

If you could use one word to describe women in East Asia Pacific what would it be?


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