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Film your #Day4Climate on November 29 and make your voice heard before the UN climate talks

November 27, 2015


  • Connect4Climate, Vimeo and partners challenge citizens around the world to film their climate actions on November 29.
  • With the climate march in Paris canceled citizens are encouraged to send in their video messages from around the world.
  • Film a #Day4Climate is an opportunity for youth, who may have the most at stake from climate change, to share their climate solutions.

The World Bank Group’s program Connect4Climate joined forces with the online platform Vimeo and partners to challenge citizens around the world to film climate actions in a day dedicated to climate change, November 29.

While the march on November 29 in Paris is cancelled due to security concerns, more than 2000 rallies are being scheduled around the world. Organizers of the day of climate mobilization emphasize that it is all the more important that citizen’s voices are being heard from beyond Paris. Climate change is a global challenge and we need a global solution.

It is for our unwavering commitment to aiding those around us, especially the most vulnerable, that we must take on climate change. Climate change is an acute threat to poorer people across the world, with the power to push more than 100 million people back into poverty over the next fifteen years, emphasizes the World Bank Group’s latest report Shock Waves.

While there will be no march in Paris on the day before the opening of the UNFCCC 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) people’s voices will still be heard. Together with Vimeo, Connect4Climate invites you to film and share your experience. 

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In just 24 hours, the Film a #Day4Climate Action challenge asks aspiring filmmakers and citizens worldwide to document climate actions, solutions and conversations happening on a day dedicated to global climate mobilization. What should we do to prevent dangerous climate change and save our planet?

Emotions drive actions; show us your emotions. “Telling stories in a way which allows others to experience a world, which they never would have otherwise seen, changes people. It has the power to change their perspectives, opinions and hearts”, explained Lucia Grenna, Connect4Climate Program Manager.

This challenge represents an opportunity for people to use film as a powerful tool to encourage action, and share how climate change is affecting their life, their village, their city, their country and the world. Connect4Climate has a long-standing initiative working with the film industry to integrate climate solutions into the narrative and to advocate for sustainability in film productions and at festivals. Film is a powerful tool to help change behavior and inspire action.

As Vimeo’s Community Director, Darnell Witt says: “Video is a powerful way for people to document activism and share their message with others. We’re excited to support Connect4Climate in their efforts to raise awareness for the steps we need to take to address climate change around the world.”

The stories all need to be filmed and edited down to no more than 3 minutes in 24 hours and submitted on the Vimeo’s group channel: Film a #Day4Climate Action – 29 November 2015 (https://vimeo.com/groups/day4climate), by the next day.

The video challenge supports Connect4Climate’s youth social media campaign in the run up to COP21 and beyond. For a month we are teaming with a network of partners to support youth climate messages with the hashtag #Youth4Climate.

Submitted video messages will be featured during the Young and Future Generations Day at COP21. The videos will also be brought together in a documentary telling the story of how citizens around the world showed their support for climate action. A celebrated editor and filmmaker will lead this effort for a launch at the World Bank Group in 2016. Vimeo will celebrate entries of exceptional value by gifting the filmmakers Vimeo Plus accounts.

We look forward to seeing your stories, your solutions, your climate actions, and leadership. Citizens globally are now, more than ever, united and strengthened to raise their voices and call for an international climate agreement at COP21. The meetings are expected to adopt an agreement on the long-term reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Film your #Day4Climate Action.

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