Humanitarian-Development Nexus: World Bank Group stepping up its support to crisis and disaster risk management

December 30, 2014


Minimizing increasing disaster and crisis impacts is a joint humanitarian and development responsibility and more needs to be done to improve coordination among actors. We need to change the way we work together. In this context, Cyril Muller, World Bank Group’s Vice President for External and Corporate Relations, participated in the Principals’ Meeting of the Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC), held in Geneva on December 9, 2014, and underscored the Bank Group’s commitment to partnership with humanitarian community. It is clear that response, recovery and development tend to happen in parallel, such that coordination, discipline and flexibility are more important than ever. The WBG has been stepping up its engagement in crises and disasters, contributing to humanitarian actions through financing, partnerships and innovation. In fact, we know firsthand that crises and disasters undermine sustainable development, and while the WBG does not deliver humanitarian aid, we support national and international capacity building for a more holistic response and resilient recovery. Attended by other Principals of the IASC – the heads of UN and other agencies – the meeting focused on the issues of politisation and the challenges that step from operating in politically-sensitive environments; the Principals also emphasized and discussed the need for greater protection measures of vulnerable and affected populations. The next Principals Meeting is scheduled for 21st May 2015. For more information about IASC.