Vietnam Women’s Innovation Day 2013: List of winners

October 2, 2013


Le Minh Hien, a woman with a disability, shows some innovative products made from discarded paper and clothing at the Vietnam Women's Innovation Day 2013 exhibition on October 1, 2013.

Photo: Huong Lan Vu/World Bank

  • The Vietnam Women's Innovation Day 2013 has awarded eight most innovative and practical proposals.
  • The program seeks and supports initiatives of economic empowerment for women.
  • The program consist of 3 major activities: supporting innovative proposals; honoring innovative products; and holding a conference for experience sharing.

HANOI, Vietnam -- The Vietnam Women's Innovation Day 2013 with the theme of "Women's Economic Empowerment" has awarded eight most innovative and practical proposals. Please click here to get the list of winners.

The program seeks and supports initiatives of economic empowerment for women, with sub-themes of: 1) Women entrepreneurs (including women being owners and managers of enterprises and owners of household business); 2) Women’s Empowerment in Business and Production; and 3) Decent Work for Women.

The program has been conducted since March 2013 with three major activities:

  1. Seeking and supporting innovative proposals which are capable of empowering and enhancing economic capacity of women;
  2. Honoring innovative products of women in economic development by means of exhibiting and awarding typical innovative products;
  3. Holding a conference to honor women with good economic achievements, and a forum to exchange views and share experience.

Co-organizers for this program includes: Vietnam Women’s Union, UN Women, and the World Bank in Vietnam. Co-sponsors for the program include AusAid, IrishAid, USAid and Unilever.