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Argentine Children also dream of a World without Poverty

May 9, 2013


Los niños participan en el collage junto a la ilustradora Dolores Avendaño (abajo centro)

  • Dozens of children drew and wrote their ideas on how to end poverty, creating a collage with the illustrator Dolores Avendaño.
  • More education, providing food and work, and tolerating differences were some of the young children’s suggestions.
  • The event was held under the auspices of the popular Buenos Aires Book Fair.

Under the slogan "What will it take to end poverty?" dozens of families answered the World Bank's call to put together a communal collage along with Dolores Avendaño, the Argentine Artist who drew the cover art for  the Harry Potter  books in Spanish.

"Understanding and respecting the needs of others ", "sharing", "tolerate differences", "get a good education," "provide jobs for all" and "end hunger" were some of the ideas reflected in a collage, which also included drawings and paper origami figures made by the children and their parents.

Eight year old Juliet said that "we must donate to the poor and flooded" referring to the victims of the recent storms in La Plata, Santiago, aged 9, said "it would be good if everyone had work", Ailén, aged , added "all kids have to go to school" and  Camila, aged 9, "we must give food and clothing to the poor."

Avendaño, who began by  undertaking a live drawing, told the children to imagine that they had Harry Potter’s magic wand, which  they could use  to do something to end poverty. She also encouraged everyone to make their dreams a reality.

"I want the world to be a better place and I’ve been always interested in using Art to make a difference to the lives of others. Specifically, I give talks to at-risk children, working with them so that they believe they can do anything, those are my two cents," said the renowned illustrator.


" All kids have to go to school. "


7 years old

This initiative is part of an active global campaign in the fight against poverty. "If we start to think of a world without poverty early on, it is possible to make it a reality," said Penelope Brook, World Bank Director for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The activity was held under the auspices of the 39th International Buenos Aires Book Fair which runs until May 13 in the Argentine capital, where the World Bank shares booth # 1801 with other UN agencies.