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Argentina, an Example in South-South Exchanges

December 14, 2012


Penguins from the Patagonia region in Argentina.

World Bank

  • The country advises a delegation from India in comprehensive ecological coastal management
  • Technicians discuss and share experiences in Managua on MCH
  • With support from the World Bank, Argentina develops road safety exchanges with other countries like China, Colombia or Ecuador

Argentina is taking advantage of South-South cooperation to enhance growth potential and show successes. With extensive experience in developing innovative projects that improve results, Argentina is promoting strategic partnerships to share knowledge and best practices. The work that it is being done in the areas of environment, health and road safety are good examples to share.

In 2012, an Indian delegation visited Argentina to better understand the current international best practices in estuarine-coastal zone management and improve the application of a newly evolving concept of integrated ecological coastal management.

Environmental specialists from central and provincial government agencies learned about present economic and ecological state of Southern Atlantic Sea zone and all complexity of legal and real-life interaction between the public sector, civil society and private actors in Argentina.

The goal is to preserve this incredibly rich and diverse area considered one of the last most intact marine zones on Earth and at the same time provide sustainable economic growth and development to the local population.

Over this exchange and planned follow-up communications, the participants from India will consider application of ecological management to be used in development, planning and management of coastal and marine areas in India.

In Nicaragua, the first session of the cooperation between the two countries was developed last September. Technical teams from the Ministries of Health of both countries met in Managua to share experiences in implementing payments for results in the maternal and child care.

During the two-day workshop, 35 participants also discussed the characteristics of health systems in Nicaragua and Argentina, and the South American country´s experience in medical audits and in institutional strengthening policies.

In November, officials from Nicaragua visited Buenos Aires to attend a technical level exchange on some topics identified as common synergies.

Road Safety

The World Bank has facilitated South-South exchanges on road safety between Argentina and countries from the region and elsewhere, including China, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia and Ecuador.

Government officials from Ecuador, Colombia and Uruguay have participated in trainings and meetings with their colleagues in the National Road Agency in Buenos Aires. In particular, Ecuador and Colombia are interested in replicating the Argentina Road Agency Model . Paraguay officials received training in road safety education programs and enforcement policies for enhanced road safety.

Officials from China have also visited Buenos Aires to learn from the Agency's experience in road safety management.