(Key Findings) Malaysia Economic Monitor, November 2012: Unlocking Women's Potential

November 29, 2012


Malaysia can transformation into a high income economy if more women were in the labor force. See the photo slideshow.

  • Malaysia is expected to register real GDP growth of 5.1 percent in 2012 and 5.0 percent in 2013.
  • Propelled by domestic demand, Malaysia’s economy is likely to weather a weak global environment.
  • Malaysia’s near term growth momentum owes much to commodities.
  • To ensure that growth is sustained into the medium term, Malaysia needs to accelerate the implementation of reforms, as outlined in the Government’s New Economic Model.
  • The number of working- age women who are employed or looking for employment is lower in Malaysia compared to other countries with similar income levels. 
  • Studies show that Malaysia could experience a 23 percent increase in output per capita as a result of more women holding jobs and becoming entrepreneurs.
  • Malaysia could encourage women to participate in the workforce through policies such as flexi-work arrangements and expanded childcare options.
  • Increasing incentives could attract and retain women in managerial positions.