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Youth2Youth: Meet Ted Boulou

November 15, 2012

Y2Y World Community

Name, location, brief job description?
I am Ted Boulou, Cameroon national. I recently joined IFC as an Investment Analyst in the Africa Infrastructure Team, in Dakar. Basically, my job consists in evaluating and financing big projects in power and transport sectors in sub-Saharan where need for large-scale infrastructure in crucial. I also do upfront research to detect zones with critical needs of investment in infrastructure.

Why the World Bank Group?
I have a keen interest in participating in the development of Africa and IFC-World Bank is the most important institution that has a large-scale impact on that part of the world.

Most interesting experience you’ve had here?
Actually, I have been there for just a couple of months, so I do not have that much to say. Yet, I have already had an idea of the kind of impact we can have. We can really help countries designing sector reforms that will make their development be sustainable. Being part of discussions involving high level officials like ministers is a wonderful experience.

What would make the Bank the coolest place to work at?
It already is!! But more seriously, the fact at the bank share the same goals in terms of changing somehow the world we live makes the place very pleasant to work for. Yet, as every young person, I am impatient and have sometimes the feeling that things move too slowly and that can be frustrating.

Tell us about the Bank and youth? Do you have advice for youth?
In fact, my work is not strictly related to youth. But as we finance large-scale products, we create local jobs that help reducing youth unemployment. And that criteria is very important when we decide to lend money to a particular projects. As indirect effect, the structural reforms we initiate in some countries along our investment help facilitating entrepreneurship, thus allowing the creation of thousands of indirect opportunities for young people.

Your passion outside of work?
Outside work, I am passionate about Football, chess and I blog about Africa’s economics.

The future… (plans, post-Bank)?
The future is ours… I will be where my dedication to change somehow the world will be the most efficient. I have still a lot to learn inside the Bank as our businesses are various and very interesting. My secret dream is entrepreneurship, in emerging countries, but this is another story.

Anything else you’d like to share with the Y2Y world community?
I honestly think this times are critical for the entire human being. The challenges we face are huge, mostly in terms of sustainability of development and redistribution of wealth between countries. We are the one that can bring new ideas to live better and together, we have to use new technologies and original ways of thinking to face those challenges. And I think this is our responsibility.

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