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Kazakhstan: Easing Development Operations by Joining E-Signature

December 21, 2011

Astana, December 21, 2011 – A paperless and a real-time submission of a withdrawal application to the World Bank is available now in Kazakhstan. The Treasury Committee of the Ministry of Finance and the Committee of Roads of the Ministry of Transport and Communications became the first users of e-Signature/e-Disbursement within the Central Asia. The e-Signature allows for an easier, faster and more secure way to access the country portfolio information. In Europe and Central Asia Region, e-Signature/e-Disbursement is used in such countries as Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia. 

“The system will advance the process of applying for money withdrawal and receipt. Previously, the entire procedure has been taking some 1-4 weeks, now a few days only. This will speed up payments to suppliers and improve disbursements, and finally will foster the project implementation,” noted one of the participants of the facility use hand-on training in Astana.

" The e-Signature/e-Disbursement goes one step further, by allowing for the preparation and delivery of withdrawal application electronically along with the expenditure detail provided by the Client. It provides for speedier processing of applications, better control of the funds flow for the client, and reduced transaction costs. It is more transparent in different stages of application preparation and delivery. E-Signature provides for the secure identity of the authorized signatories by the use of SecureID Tokens. "

Joseph Paul Formoso

Loan Department Senior Finance Officer, World Bank

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