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World Bank in Moldova - a new FACE on FACEBOOK

January 7, 2010

Let’s face it; Facebook is no longer a chit-chat area for teenagers. It has become a space where parents stay in touch with their children thousands of miles away from home, where schoolmates scattered across continents keep up to date with their life developments, where teachers post homework for their students. But this is also a space where people do business, keep connected, and as they travel from country to country, often times round the clock, it’s Facebook that offers a fancy feature to pencil your paths on an electronic map of the world and upload pictures of cities and sights visited for your wife and friends’ enjoyment at home.

The World Bank Office in Moldova joined this world club in the early months of this summer. Since then, the Bank’s fan numbers reached about 241 members, with up to date news and events happening in headquarters, in the region and at the country level displayed on people’s profiles as they log on to read what’s new.

Why did we go for it? "Because that’s where the world is moving, because there are hundreds of millions of users on Facebook from every corner of the world, and because when one thinks of being innovative in communicating who we are and what we do, making greater use of social media inevitably clicks to everyone’s mind" says Melanie Marlett, World Bank Moldova Country Manager and the pioneer of this idea.

The dedicated page contains a series of features to reach Facebook audiences, including regular posting of press releases, announcements, feature stories, presentations, reports, funding opportunities and media coverage of the World Bank. Everything from Bank support to Moldova’s economic recovery, mitigating the impact of climate change on agriculture, distribution of food packages to Moldova’s vulnerable mothers or road safety is there. Just 1-click away!

"Facebook allows us to enlarge our audience at almost no extra effort, and interact more actively and less formally with various groups." highlighted Elena Prodan, Public Information Assistant and Facebook group administrator, World Bank Moldova Country Office. "We share with fans not only the results of the World Bank activities in Moldova, but also the feedback perceived through mass media and directly from our clients."

With an estimated number of users reaching 300 million worldwide, Facebook is a place where information sharing can span across thousands of miles in a matter of seconds. And as we move ahead to build a better and more prosperous Moldova in a better and more prosperous world, communicating every step of the way, particularly with the young ones, becomes a key priority in delivering facts, sharing knowledge and raising awareness of the world we live in and how we can make it a better place.

So, if you are not our fan yet, join today:

Contributed by Victor Neagu in Moldova