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Factsheet June 21, 2019

Morocco Education Support Program


Representing on average 6.4 percent of Morocco’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the education sector is an essential lever to build the country’s human capital. While rapid progress over the past two decades has led to universal access to primary education for girls and boys, challenges remain to ensure that this translates into better learning outcomes for all. Improving the quality and effectiveness of education service delivery requires a substantial shift in the way the system operates, putting the learning process at the core of the functioning of the sector. To address these challenges, Morocco’s Ministry of education has launched an ambitious reform program to improve the sector’s overall performance, in line with the 2015–2030 Education Sector Vision which lays the ground for a “new Moroccan school”.

To support the country’s objective to boost education outcomes for all, a new World Bank supported program titled Morocco Education Support Program, will act on key levers to support the sector’s transformation. The Program is supported by a Program for Results (PforR) operation of US$ 500 million whereby disbursement is conditioned by the attainment of key results.

The Program supports a portion of the government strategy, with the ambition to promote a shift away from resource-driven to results-driven governance principles, to promotes learning in the classroom. This shift implies changes on three dimensions: capability, learning and behavior. This means enabling agents with strong implementing capacity and providing an efficient framework for accountability. It also means having a system with an intrinsic ability to learn and adjust so that it can continuously improve and course-correct.

Morocco Education Support Program