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Learning through Experimentation in European Cohesion Policy

April 30, 2024
Brussels, Online
EU Cohesion Policy Event

The European Commission’s Regional and Urban Policy General Directorate (DG REGIO) and the World Bank Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation (FCI) support Member States in the design and implementation of policy experimentation and impact evaluation practices to generate rigorous evidence in Cohesion Policies

Under the joint strategic initiative “Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation of Innovation Programs in the EU,” novel approaches to policymaking are currently being piloted. The objective is to test new practices and generate new knowledge, that – if successful - can be scaled both across the European Union and beyond.

In this seminar, the first ongoing Cohesion Policy Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) will be presented. Policy experimentation – via RCTs - plays a crucial role in informing evidence-based policymaking and promoting effective interventions. The seminar will discuss how RCTs have been instrumental in designing and evaluating interventions aimed at promoting effective learning interaction between policy makers and researchers, expanding outreach to and participation of beneficiaries, simplifying application processes, and introducing complementary interventions. The presentations at the seminar will highlight the launch of pioneering RCTs in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Spain showcasing how these trials are helping identify effective strategies for achieving policy objectives.

Throughout the day, speakers from various countries will share their experiences and insights on evidence-based policymaking, policy experimentation, and the use of counterfactual impact analysis. You will hear from policy makers such as Martin Hirsch (Former High Commissioner, France), Monica Martinez-Bravo (Secretary General of Inclusion Policy Lab, Spain), as well as researchers such as Namrata Kala (MIT), and David McKenzie (World Bank), who will discuss their experiences to introducing experimentation into policymaking.

This event is an opportunity to gain practical insights, learn from experts, and contribute to the advancement learning and experimentation in European cohesion policy. Join us for a day of knowledge sharing and networking.

For in-person participation at DG REGIO in Brussels, please register until April 24th. Registered participants will be able to participate remotely via Teams. Register now HERE or scan the QR code below. Connection and logistics details will be provided once the registration is submitted.

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  • Date: April 30, 2024
  • Time: 9:00-16:30
  • Venue: DG REGIO, Cours Saint-Michel 23, Brussels