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Leveraging Fast Payment Systems for G2P Payment Delivery: Insights from Ghana

February 21, 2024
G2Px, Fastt

Explore the transformative impact of Fast Payment Systems in delivering Government-to-Person (G2P) payments, focusing on the Sub-Saharan Africa region. In recent years, the continent has undergone a significant shift, with the advent of fast payments characterized by real-time access of funds for beneficiaries and around the clock availability of services. This shift holds the potential to be a powerful catalyst for enhancing G2P payments, particularly as countries strive to promote financial inclusion and strengthen their digital payments ecosystems. Understanding the unique characteristics and enablers of fast payments is crucial for policymakers, financial institutions, and other stakeholders.

In this webinar, hosted by the G2Px Initiative and Project FASTT,  we will hear about Ghana's experience leveraging their Fast Payment System to improve the delivery of G2P payments. Join us to learn more about the specific enablers that facilitate the seamless use of a Fast Payment System to support G2P payments. Register to gain some actionable insights to unlock the potential of real-time transactions and improve government payment delivery for social benefits, pensions, and subsidies.


  • RSVP: February 21, 2024
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