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AI in Action Event Series: How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Firms?

December 12, 2023
How is AI tranforming firms?

Watch the Keynote Speech

Prof. Catherine Tucker (MIT Sloan) on AI & Exclusion: The Fragility of Prediction to Missing Data

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Watch Session A: AI and Health

with Marius Linguraru (Children's National Hospital), Nawar Shara (MedStar Health Research Institute), Nikhil Sahni (McKinsey and Company), Catherine Tucker (MIT Sloan) and Peter McGarvey (Georgetown University)

Watch Session B: AI and Retail

with Fabio Luzzi (Tapestry), Prakhar Mehrotra (Walmart) and Shervin Khodabandeh (Boston Consulting Group)

Session C: AI and Manufacturing

with Shervin Khodabandeh (Boston Consulting Group), Ness Shroff (AI Edge Institute at Ohio State University), Matthew Wilding (U.S. Steel) and Sam Ransbotham (Boston College)

Session D: Roundtable on measuring AI diffusion, its impacts, and how policy can help

with Carol Corrado (Georgetown University), Olivia Igbokwe-Curry (Amazon Web Services), Scott Wallsten (The Technology Policy Institute), Nikolas Zolas (Center for Economic Studies at the US Census Bureau) and Sam Ransbotham (Boston College)