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Deep Dive Sessions - Anticorruption for Development: Justice Against Corruption

June 26, 2023
Washington D.C.

3: Justice Against Corruption

Engage in a discussion with the participants around two questions: how to keep corruption out of the justice system and how can the justice system address high profile corruption prosecutions.

David Bernstein
, Lead Public Sector Specialist, Governance, World Bank  
Klaus DeckerSenior Public Sector Specialist, Governance, World Bank 

Sir Anthony Hooper
, former Lord Justice on Court of Appeals of England and Wales
Veronica Bradautanu, Advisor to President on Justice Reform, Moldova
Vira Mykhailenko, Chief Judge of Ukraine’s High Anticorruption Court
Esther Agelan, Association of Women Judges, Dominican Republic
Elena Incisa di Camerana, Regional Programme Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean Department of Programmes, International Development Law Organization