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Deep Dive Sessions- Anticorruption for Development: Integrity of Procurement and Contract Management

June 26, 2023
Washington, D.C.

1: Integrity of Procurement and Contract Management

Contract management is an often-overlooked area of the public procurement process.  Bidding process traditionally gets more focus, but contract management carries significant risks of delays, overruns, poor quality, and contract variations, which in turn carry corruption risks. Join us for a session on the most frequent issues occurring in contract management and a brainstorming on potential solutions. 

Opening Remarks: Adenike Sherifat Oyeyiola, Practice Manager, Governance, World Bank

Moderator: Erica Bosio, Senior Public Sector Specialist, Governance, World Bank

Gavin Hayman, Executive Director, Open Contracting
Mihaly Fazekas, Director, Government Transparency Institute
Gian Luigi Albano, Head of Division at Consip, National Central Purchasing Body, Italy