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Debt Management Facility Stakeholders' Forum 2023

June 15-16, 2023
Berlin, Germany

Managing Debt in a High Interest Rate Environment

June 15-16, 2023

The 13th Debt Management Facility (DMF) Stakeholders’ Forum, titled “Managing Debt in a High Interest Rates Environment” is organized by the World Bank. The pandemic reversed years of progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which is now under further threat due to the post-Covid trade disruptions, commodity market turbulence and the war in Ukraine. However, debt burdens were surging, and growth was slowing down in many developing countries even before the pandemic.

Elevated debt levels, high gross financing needs, and rising global interest rates have made effective public debt management more important than ever. With extended negative effects of global and regional shocks and high inflation dynamic, leading to higher cost of borrowing, many EMDEs will find it increasingly difficult to service their debts and borrow at reasonable costs. Particularly, the composition of their debt during the last decade has shifted due to increased borrowing on commercial terms. Moreover, creditor landscape also shifted towards non-Paris Club members and private creditors. Those trends created new challenges for an increased number of EMDEs and the Forum aims to provide insights on helping debt managers to tackle these issues.