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Debt Management Facility Stakeholders' Forum 2021

May 24-26, 2021

Virtual Forum

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing debt vulnerabilities by causing a surge in public debt. It has also created new challenges for debt managers: greater uncertainty about the financial outlook, higher financing needs, changes in investor behavior, and limited capacity to raise funds at a reasonable cost. Some countries face debt distress. Crisis management has been—and remains—critical. At the same time, issues surrounding debt transparency have come to the fore.

    The 11th Debt Management Facility (DMF) Stakeholders’ Forum focuses on helping debt managers tackle these issues. The 2021 forum, titled Debt Management During the Global Crisis is organized by the World Bank. It will foster high level-discussions on global trends, the impact of the pandemic on debt sustainability, debt management practices during a crisis, and debt transparency.

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    DAY ONE: May 24, 2021

    8:00 - 9:30 am EDT


    Session I: Exiting the COVID-19 Crisis with Sustainable Debt

    This session will ask: What policy options and actions today are needed to exit the crisis with sustainable debt?

    Moderator: Ayhan Kose, Acting Vice President EFI, World Bank Group



    • H.E. Romuald Wadagni, Minister of Economy and Finance of Benin
    • Carmen Reinhart, Vice President and Chief Economist, World Bank Group
    • Joyce Chang, Chair of Global Research, J.P.Morgan
    • Christophe Bories, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Multilateral Financial Affairs & Development and Vice-Chairman Paris Club.
    DAY TWO: May 25, 2021

    8:00 - 9:45 am EDT


    Session 2: Managing Debt-related Risks during the Crisis

    This session will invite practitioners to discuss how they have managed debt and contingent liabilities amid the crisis, what they have learned, and what policies are necessary to weather future crises.


    Moderator: Roger Nord, Deputy Director, Institute of Capacity Development, IMF and DMF Co-Chair



    • Gabriel Yorio Gonzalez, Deputy Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico
    • Tshepiso Moahloli, Deputy Director-General: Asset and Liability Management, National Treasury, South Africa 
    • Adela Xhemali, Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy of Albania 
    • Jania Ramirez Ucles, Director General of Public Credit, ‎Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Honduras
    DAY THREE: May 26, 2021

    8:00 - 9:30 am EDT



    Session 3: Debt Transparency


    This session focuses on debt transparency—a priority in fostering greater accountability and stronger debt reporting to support informed decisions that benefit debtors, creditors, and citizens alike.


    Moderator: Marcello Estevão, Global Director, World Bank Group and DMF Co-Chair



    • Stella Rusine Nteziryayo, Head of Debt Directorate, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda
    • Anna Gelpern, Anne Fleming Research Professor, Georgetown Law
    • Eric LeCompte, Executive Director, Jubilee USA Network 
    • Moritz Kraemer, Chief Economist at

    09:30 - 09:45 am EDT


    Closing Remarks

    • Marcello Estevão, Global Director, World Bank Group and DMF Co-Chair
    • Roger Nord, Deputy Director, Institute of Capacity Development, IMF and DMF Co-Chair