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JICA-WB Online Seminar “Fiscal Policy Options for Resilient and Sustainable Development”

June 9, 2023


9pm-10pm, Friday June 9, 2023 (Japan Standard Time)




Ehtisham Ahmad
Former Professor, London School of Economics


Muto Megumi
Vice President, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)


Craig Meisner
Senior Environment Economist, Climate Change Group, World Bank

Joko Tri Haryanto
Chief Executive Officer, Indonesia Environment Fund (BPDLH)

Q&A and Conclusion


Profile of the speaker:

Ehtisham Ahmad, Professor of Economics, London School of Economics
Ehtisham Ahmad
Former Professor of Economics, London School of Economics

Dr. Ehtisham Ahmad is a Former Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics. He is a leading expert on public finance and development economics. His research interests include the design of tax systems, the impact of taxation on economic growth and development, and the role of taxation in promoting social equity and environmental sustainability.

In his book "Multilevel financing of sustainable infrastructure in China—Policy options for inclusive, resilient and green growth," Dr. Ahmad discusses the various sources of financing that can be used to develop sustainable infrastructure. He discusses funding from governments, the private sector, and international organizations. He also discusses the risks and challenges associated with financing infrastructure projects. 

In this seminar, Dr. Ahmad discussed fiscal policy options for resilient and sustainable development. He discussed the role of fiscal policy in promoting sustainable growth and increasing the economy's resilience to shocks. He also discussed how to integrate multilevel taxation and investment with sustainable growth.


  • Date/Time: 9pm-10pm, Friday June 9, 2023 (Japan Standard Time)
  • Format: Online (Zoom)
  • LANGUAGE: English (no interpretation to Japanese)
  • CONTACT: Koichi Omori, World Bank Tokyo Office