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Edutainment & Edtech Training Sessions

May 31, 2023
Speaker list for edutainment

Combating the learning crisis requires scalable and cost-effective innovations, such as the movies and mobiles intervention in northern Nigeria. To adopt such innovations, rigorous evidence is often not enough.

Through a policy session and two clinics, this event brought together researchers, implementing partners and Bank project teams with the goal to provide hands-on guidance on how to design and implement edtech and edutainment projects in low-resource and FCV settings.

See HERE for the full agenda and HERE to learn more about the speakers.

The World Bank's Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) department generates high-quality and operationally relevant data and research to transform development policy, help reduce extreme poverty, and secure shared prosperity. 

The World Bank's Education Global Practice works towards the World Bank’s global education strategy which is focused on ensuring learning happens – for everyone, everywhere. Our vision is to ensure that everyone can achieve her or his full potential with access to a quality education and lifelong learning. 

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  • DATE: May 31st and June 1st, 2023
  • LOCATION: Hybrid
  • ROOM: MC C1-200
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