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Social Norms and Economic Behavior: Gender Norms, Perceptions, and their Impact

May 4, 2023

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Join us at the "Social Norms and Economic Behavior: Gender Norms, Perceptions, and their Impact" event as we delve into the impact of misperceptions on gender norms and behaviors, highlighting evidence-based interventions aimed at fostering gender equality. This event is hosted by World Bank's Poverty and Equity Practice Group, the South Asia Region Chief Economist's Office (SARCE), and the Gender Group.

People’s perceptions about others as well as their perceptions of gender norms are key to understanding how attitudes and behaviors are formed, as well as how social norms are sustained. Drawing on his work on gender norms (Bursztyn et al. 2023; Bursztyn, Gonzalez and Yanagizawa-Drott 2020); and (mis)perceptions (Bursztyn and Yang, 2022), the presentation will discuss recent work that examines perceptions, interventions to re-calibrate misperceptions and whether they can lead to meaningful changes in behaviors, with a specific focus on gender norms. The presentation will discuss social norms measurement at scale, including newly data from 60 countries showing how misperceptions of gender norms are pervasive across the world; as well as potential interventions and evidence on how to address misperceptions to promote greater gender equality.