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Business Outreach Workshops for Ukraine: European Union

June 6, 2023
Ukraine flag on a sunny day, river and bridge behind in the background.

Aerial view of the Ukrainian flag waving in the wind against the city of Kyiv.

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Online (Zoom link): pwd=Znd0U2s1WXMvVlEzK3RVelV4YTQwdz09

Language: English, with interpretation into French

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused enormous damage to infrastructure, services, and government systems in Ukraine. The international community, including Multilateral Development Banks working with the Government of Ukraine, is providing emergency assistance to restore services and repair damaged infrastructure. The international community is also planning for the reconstruction of Ukraine, which will require massive financial assistance. Procurement of goods, works, and services will be critical to the reconstruction program.

The planned Business Outreach Workshops are intended to enable the international business community to participate more effectively in opportunities created through Government and donor-funded projects in Ukraine. Further, they aim to provide information on the business opportunities in the emergency assistance and reconstruction program.

During the workshops the following information will be presented:

  • Brief overview of the World Bank portfolio in Ukraine and information about the Ukraine Relief, Recovery, Reconstruction and Reform Trust Fund (URTF) emergency programs
  • Procurement rules and procedures of Ukraine and the World Bank
  • Tips for preparing acceptable bids and proposals
  • Mechanism for resolving bidders’ complaints
  • Challenges to foresee in participation and execution of contracts due to the situation prevailing in Ukraine