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Resilient Landscapes: Thinking Big, Acting Now, Explaining How

November 12, 2022

Building resilience to climate change is a must for many countries to buffer the impacts of climate change on GDP, poverty, and food and water insecurity. Hear how some countries are confronting the climate challenge by thinking big and acting now on landscape restoration at scale—boosting climate resilience while bolstering livelihoods and the economy. This event showcases what countries in Africa, Central Asia, and Central America are doing to restore resilient landscapes at scale in order to tackle climate challenges.

Investing in adaptation measures at scale—those that contribute to resilient and inclusive development—must become the new normal. Landscape restoration is an effective adaptation measure with multiple benefits derived from the impact of landscape restoration on food security, job creation, and many other factors. Moreover, investing in adaptation is not a separate undertaking but an integral part of the transition to a green, low-carbon, sustainable and inclusive economy. Achieving the necessary scale will require substantial resources and innovative green financing strategies.

Join us for a fireside chat with Government and Technical leaders on initiatives in Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, and countries in the Sahel region to adapt to climate change by investing in resilient landscapes at scale.


  • DATE: November 12, 2022
  • TIME: 11:00 AM EET