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Conference: The World Bank's Engagement in Just Transition in Poland - Summary and Outlook

December 15, 2022
Poland Just Transition

The conference will be an opportunity to summarize a 24-month project of the World Bank carried out in partnership with the European Commission, the Polish government, and Poland’s coal regions in transition—Dolny Śląsk, Śląsk, and Wielkopolska.

Over nearly two years, the World Bank’s international and domestic experts have provided technical assistance and advisory services designed to support national and regional authorities in improving their capacity and knowledge crucial for preparing and managing the ongoing energy transition.

The goal of the conference is to summarize the experiences gathered and lessons learned from that process, especially related to areas of i) governance of Just Transition, ii) people and communities affected by the transition process, and iii) technological tools for mapping a future for post-mining lands.

The event will also be an opportunity to discuss among various Just Transition stakeholders in Poland the potential next steps for a future World Bank involvement in the process through its standard instruments, including lending and advisory. Additionally, the conference will be an opportunity to exchange experiences with a delegation of Ukrainian energy sector officials and scholars, who will be participating in a study visit in Poland at that time.

The participants will include representatives of the European Commission, Polish government, regional and local authorities, as well as representatives of the third sector involved in the Just Transition process in Poland. 

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