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Human Capital Ministerial Conclave Annual Meetings 2022

October 15, 2022
Washington, DC
World Bank Annual Meetings, 2022 Annual Meetings Human Capital Conclave

[Photo: 2022 Annual Meeting Human Capital Ministerial Conclave - Protecting Human Capital Amidst a Global Food Crisis]

On October 15th, 2022, 44 countries and 200 participants joined the 2022 Annual Meetings Human Capital closed-door Ministerial Conclave to discuss policy priorities and solutions to provide immediate support to the vulnerable and invest in sustainable food and nutrition security. 

Targeted cash transfer programs underpinned by social registries can shield the poor and vulnerable from the immediate impacts of food and other price hikes.

  • Governments should use targeted measures to support households in a time-bound manner and work to strengthen social registries to enable agile responses to future crises. 

  • The World Bank Group can assist countries with financing to meet these needs and technical assistance to support effective implementation. 

Productive inclusion programs that go beyond cash benefits can help improve households’ resilience in the long-term.

  • Governments can implement productive inclusion programs that focus on education, entrepreneurship, and socio-emotional skill development, particularly for women. 

  • The World Bank Group can support countries to leverage partnerships that can help to build strong productive inclusion programs, often with the non-profit and private sector playing a key role in their delivery. 

Supporting sustainable, nutritious, and affordable food systems is key.

  • Governments can support sustainable, nutritious, and affordable food systems in a range of ways, including through technology transfer, financing, agricultural extension, skills development, and, importantly, by avoiding universal subsidies and trade restrictions. 

  • The World Bank Group will assist countries in the development of sustainable agriculture practices and play a role in facilitating knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning amongst countries.

Ministers of Finance from 17 countries shared their experiences during themed panel discussions. Theme one was focused on providing immediate support to the vulnerable, while building shock-resilient social protection systems, and theme two was centered on investing in sustainable food and nutrition security.

World Bank Group President David Malpass delivered opening remarks highlighting the World Bank Group’s response to the global food and nutrition crisis, and World Bank Managing Director of Operations, Axel van Trotsenburg, provided closing remarks.

World Bank Managing Director of Development Policy & Partnerships, Mari Pangestu, moderated one of the themed sessions, and the event was chaired by the World Bank Vice President for Human Development, Mamta Murthi.