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Deep Trade Agreements Conference: Effects Beyond Trade

June 24, 2022
Deep Trade Agreements Conference: Effects Beyond Trade

The Deep Trade Agreements Conference: Effects Beyond Trade will brought together leading trade experts to present ongoing research on the determinants and consequences of regional trade agreements. The research program builds on new data and analysis on trade agreements by the World Bank and is co-organized by the Development Research Group and the Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment Global Practice. It aims at advancing our understanding of key issues in trade agreements and regional integration. This year's conference had a special focus on the impact of trade agreements on non-trade outcomes. 


Note all times are in the EDT/Washington, DC time zone.



Deon Filmer, Director (Development Research Group)


Session 1: Labor & Migration

Child Labor Standards in Regional Trade Agreements: Theory and Evidence
Author (Speaker): Clark Lundberg (US Department of Agriculture)
Co-authors: John McLaren (U. of Virginia), Ryan Abman (San Diego State U.), Michele Ruta (World Bank)
Discussant: Bob Rijkers (World Bank)

Managing Migration with Trade Agreements: The Role of Visa Provisions
Author (Speaker): Gianluca Orefice (U. of Paris-Dauphine - PSL) | Presentation
Co-authors: Anna Maria Mayda (Georgetown U.)
Discussant: Sandra Rozo (World Bank) | Presentation




Session 2: FDI, Organization of Value Chains, and Ownership Structure of Firms & Innovation

Deep Trade Agreements and FDI in General Equilibrium
Author (Speaker): Yoto Yotov (Drexel U.)
Co-authors: Mario Larch (U. of Bayreuth)
Discussant: Vanessa Alviarez (Inter-American Development Bank)

Deep Trade Agreements and Firm Ownership in Value Chains
Author (Speaker): Peter Egger (ETH Zurich U.)
Co-authors: Gerard Masllorens Fuentes (ETH Zurich U.)
Discussant: Paulo Bastos (World Bank)

The Impacts of Intellectual-Property Related PTAs on Bilateral Patent Applications
Author (Speaker): Keith Maskus (U. of Colorado Boulder) | Presentation
Co-authors: William Ridley (U. of Illinois), Jacob Howard (MITRE Corporation)
Discussant: Gaurav Nayyar (World Bank)




Keynote Speech

Emily Blanchard, US State Department & Dartmouth College


Session 3: NTMs

The Trade-Creating Effects of NTBs: Heterogeneities and Complementarities
Author (Speaker): Feodora Teti (ifo Institute and Ludwig-Maximilians U.)
Co-authors: Gabriel Felbermayr (Kiel Institute for the World Economy)
Discussant: Hiau Looi Kee (World Bank)




Session 4: Civil Rights, Environmental Protection, Labor Standards, and Environment

Non-Economic Provisions in Deep Trade Agreements and Non-Trade Outcomes
Author (Speaker): Filippo Santi (European University Institute)
Co-authors: Bernard Hoeckman (EUI), Joseph Francois (WTI), Lisa Lechner (U. of Innsbruck), Miriam Manchin (UCL)
Discussant: Ryan Abman (San Diego State U.)

Trade, Emissions, and Environmental Spillovers: Issue Linkages in Regional Trade Agreements
Author (Speaker): Daniel Szmurlo (US Department of Agriculture)
Co-authors: Ryan Abman (San Diego State U), Clark Lundberg (San Diego State U)
Discussant: Mauricio Moreira (Inter-American Development Bank) | Presentation