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Forest-Smart Mining: Nature-Based Solutions Opportunities for the Mining Sector

May 12, 2022



On May 12th, 2022, during the 2022 FCFP/ISFL Global Private Sector Workshop, the World Bank Climate-Smart Mining Initiative will be leading a session on Forest-Smart Mining practices.

This session will provide an opportunity to discuss and advance the concept and practice of Forest Smart Mining at the Large-Scale Mining sector by examining the opportunities to take advantage of Nature-based Solutions and use innovative financial instruments, such as the carbon market, to achieve net-zero GHG emissions and biodiversity targets.

Session Objectives

  • Effectively engage with relevant audiences to promote key findings of the reports.
  • Provide useful information to climate smart mining policy actors.
  • Motivate relevant stakeholders/target audience and encourage conversation addressing climate change in the mining sector, in particular on how it might use innovative mitigation tools, such as the carbon market, in promoting sustainable land use practices.
  • Encourage public-private dialogue to create awareness and understanding among participants on forest-smart mining opportunities.
  • Topic



    Welcome and introduction to FSM

    10 min

    John Drexhage, Climate Advisor, Climate- Smart Mining Initiative, World Bank Group.


    Idriss Deffry, Environmental Specialist, World Bank Group

    LSM: Summary of Results and Future Actions

    10 min

    Pippa Howard, Director, Corporate Sustainability at Fauna & Flora International.

    Panel discussion:

    Implications of NBS opportunities for the mining sector

    35 min

    Moderator: Fatoumata Binta Keita, Operations Officer at IFC.



    Ian Hudson, Head of Nature-Based Solutions and Ecosystems, Anglo.


    Thomas Maddox, Global Director Forest and Land, CDP.


    Elree Winnett Seelig, Managing Director and Global Head of Environmental, Social and Governance for Citi’s Markets business.

    Closing remarks         

    5 mins

    John Drexhage, Climate Advisor, Climate-Smart Mining Initiative, World Bank Group.

  • John Drexhage

    Climate Advisor, Climate- Smart Mining Initiative, World Bank Group.

    John has worked on issues related to climate change, sustainable development and implications for resource-based economies for 30 years. Most recently he is working with the World Bank, helping to develop and launch the concept of Climate Smart Mining.

    Idriss Deffry

    Environmental Specialist, World Bank Group

    Idriss Deffry is an environmental specialist at the World Bank with 15 years of professional experience in natural resources management in Africa, with donors and international NGOs like WWF and IUCN. Driven by the impact of projects on the ground, Idriss has been involved in the design and implementation of programs linking environment, natural resources and development in various fields as protected areas, forest, marine and coastal environment, fisheries, mining, and agriculture. Idriss is part of the World Bank Climate-smart mining initiative working on the Forest-smart component since 2017 and has initiated with the support of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) the development of the Forest-smart ASM Standard.

    Pippa Howard

    Director, Corporate Sustainability at Fauna & Flora International

    Pippa Howard is the Director, Corporate Sustainability at Fauna & Flora International. Pippa has degrees in Environmental Science, Marine Biology, Zoology and Development Management. She is a registered Professional Natural Scientist with over 30 years’ experience in a variety of spheres of biodiversity conservation, environmental management, impact assessment, development and sustainability. She has worked on projects in over 25 countries. Pippa directs and is responsible for FFI’s initiatives and partnerships with multinational corporations and is a specialist in extractives and energy sector environmental management, Lender Environmental and Social Safeguards compliance, biodiversity risk assessment, action planning and management and nature-based solutions.

    Fatoumata Binta Keita

    Operations Officer, IFC

    Fatoumata (Mimi) Keita is an Operations Officer for IFC’ Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory department in Guinea. She has over 12 years of project management experience including 10 years in the mining sector. Mimi implemented IFC activities across multiple countries including Guinea, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa & DRC. She focuses on local economic development, gender, youth and multi-stakeholder dialogue. Prior to IFC, Mimi worked on the Rio Tinto Simandou Project in Guinea and the American Diabetes Association in the U.S.

    Ian Hudson

    Head of Nature-Based Solutions and Ecosystems, Anglo

    Ian is the current Head of Nature-based solutions and Ecosystems at Anglo American. Ian joined Anglo American in 2020 as the Head of Environment after spending 15 years in the Energy sector in a range of different leadership roles in Sustainability, QHSE, HR, Operations, Marketing and also time as a portfolio CEO in private equity. Ian and his team work across a range of areas in the Environmental space ranging from Biodiversity, Rehabilitation, Restoration, Physical Climate Change Risk, Microbiology and beyond.

    Thomas Maddox

    Global Director Forest and Land, CDP

    Dr. Thomas Maddox holds a PhD from University College, London and an MBA from the University of Cambridge. He has worked on the interface between business and the environment for twenty years for a variety of environmental organisations including FFI, WWF and ZSL. He now holds the position of Global Director for Forests at CDP where he is responsible for the Forests Questionnaire, through which companies disclose on their progress on eliminating deforestation from their supply chains.

    Elree Winnett Seelig

    Managing Director and Global Head of Environmental, Social and Governance for Citi’s Markets business

    Elree, who has worked at Citi for nine years, was previously Head of Strategy for Commodities at Citi. Prior to joining Citi, Elree was Head of Energy Client Management for Commodities at BNP Paribas, and also worked in Natural Resources Investment Banking at Lehman Brothers and Utility Project Finance at NationsBank (now Bank of America). In the middle of her career, she spent 10 years working in conservation and community development in southern Africa and consulting for venture capital firms investing in renewable energy.