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Conference: Integrated Health Care in Poland

December 8-9, 2021



The National Health Fund in Poland and the World Bank are co-hosting a conference that will present the key insights and results of the Primary Health Care Plus project, the first-ever Polish pilot program of care integration in primary healthcare. 

  • The Primary Health Care Plus project is Poland's first-ever pilot program of care integration in primary healthcare. As part of the pilot, 47 medical facilities provided innovative care to 70,000 patients over 36 months. Consequently, patients gained access to more health services, advanced preventive measures, as well as assistance from an assigned patient coordinator. The pilot produced tangible results for beneficiaries: first, patients' self-reported health improved; second, patients received more services, while the wait time for selected visits shortened; third, patients received care from a stable and dedicated team of medical workers and finally, the medical staff was satisfied with their work.

  • Conference Agenda (download pdf)


  • Dates: Dec 8-9, 2021
  • Time: 10:00-16:00
  • Format: Online