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The Role of Data in Ending Violence Against Women and Girls | World Development Report 2021 series

December 2, 2021



This event is jointly co-organized by the World Bank's Gender Group,
the Health, Nutrition, and Population Global Practice,
the World Development Report Team,  and the World Health Organization.

  • For too long, violence against women and girls has been a deep, dark secret. Now, data collection efforts around the world are shedding light on this tragic problem and leading to solutions. This event highlights the importance of effective use of existing data related to violence against women and girls for designing evidence-based operations. The World Bank Group (WBG)’s 2021 World Development Report, Data for Better Lives puts a spotlight on violence against women and girls (VAWG), exploring the potential that data offers in improving the lives of people.

    The event will introduce the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Violence Against Women Prevalence Estimates, 2018 report and its interactive data visualization platform, the Global Database on the Prevalence of Violence Against Women, as a data tool to inform VAWG prevention and response operations. Moreover, it will present the WHO’s RESPECT Framework for addressing violence against women (VAW), which identifies evidence-based interventions for the prevention and response of violence against women and girls to be used in operations and policy engagements. In addition, it will present the 2021 World Development Report, Data for Better Lives.

    Finally, the event will host a panel discussion to generate space to learn from ongoing engagements and/or emerging solutions from the WHO and the WBG, and discuss how to leverage these insights and resources for better informed operations.

    The World Development Report 2021: Data for Better Lives is available for download here.

    For more information, visit this interactive website.

    About the World Development Report 2021 launch
    This event is part a series of conversations around the findings of the WDR2021 report. For more information, contact Malarvizhi Veerappan:

  • Moderator/Opening


    Hana Brixi

    Global Director, Gender Group, World Bank

    Juan Pablo Uribe

    Global Director, Health, Nutrition & Population Global Practice, World Bank

    Haishan Fu

    Director, Development Data Group, World Bank

    Presenters and Panelists


    Mrike Aliu

    Human Development Specialist, Kosovo Emergency COVID-19 Project, World Bank

    Avni Amin

    Technical Officer, Violence Against Women, World Health Organization

    Diana Arango

    Senior Gender-Based Violence Specialist, Gender Group, World Bank

    Claudia García-Moreno

    Lead on Violence Against Women, World Health Organization

    Verena Phipps-Ebeler

    Social Development Specialist, Kenya - COVID-19 Health Emergency Response Project, World Bank

    LynnMarie Sardinha

    Technical Officer, Violence Against Women data, World Health Organization

    Malarvizhi Veerappan

    Senior Data Scientist and Program Manager of World Development Report 2021, World Bank