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Catalyzing Public Administration Reform through Surveys - Lessons from Romania and Uruguay

December 8, 2021



    PRESENTATION 1: Romania National Agency for Civil Servants - Presentation HRM survey

    PRESENTATION 2: Romania World Bank - Presentation HRM survey

    PRESENTATION 3: Uruguay World Bank - Presentation HRM survey


    Are recruitment policies screening for the best candidates in the public administration? Is there an effective organizational and individual performance management system? Are the best people promoted to the right functions? Is there a collaborative organizational culture? How motivated are civil servants to work hard and deliver? 

    These and many other questions are key to the productivity of public administrations. Surveys of public administrators are a potentially powerful and empirically rigorous way of finding answers to these questions and identifying actionable reforms.  

    The World Bank conducted such surveys in Romania and Uruguay, which provided clear pictures of both strengths and weaknesses in their existing HRM policies. Both World Bank Teams will present the major findings from these surveys. In turn, the directors of the civil service agencies in Romania and Uruguay will reflect on how the results were used to identify priority reforms, and how such surveys can be embedded in the work of civil service agencies

    Other Resources 

    Policy Note: (Spanish)

    Survey (pre-launch): (Spanish)


    Silvana Kostenbaum, Public Sector Specialist, Governance Latin American and Caribbean Unit


    Tracey Lane, Practice Manager, EPSPA, Governance Global Practice

    PRESENTATION 1: The World Bank Survey of Romania's Public Administration

    Anita Sobjak, Governance and Public Sector Specialist for the Governance Europe and Central Asia unit


    Lavinia Niculescu, Secretary-General of the Romanian Agency of Civil Servants

    PRESENTATION 2: The World Bank Survey of Uruguay's Civil Service

    Serena Cocciolo, Economist for the Governance Global Practice


    Alejandro Milanesi, Policy Advisor to the Director of the Civil Service Office in Uruguay


    Roby Senderowitsch, Practice Manager, Governance Global Practice, Europe and Central Asia – West, World Bank