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Toward Indonesia’s G2P 4.0 – A Recipient Centric Modern Architecture for G2P Programs

November 23, 2021

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    The G2P Digitization in Practice Series, launched by the G2Px Initiative, has been featuring webinars to share the experience of different countries in their journey to modernize their G2P (Government to Person) architecture to delivery social protection and other government payments.

    In this webinar, we will explore Indonesia’s ongoing journey towards modernizing their G2P architecture. In the past few years, the country has moved from manual payments to account-based payments using state-owned banks and are now moving towards a recipient centric design. Their digitization process has been characterized by a whole-of-government approach wherein a common vision was established for a modern G2P architecture and the required building blocks are being designed with cross-sectoral support.


    Last Updated: Dec 08, 2021

  • I Gede Putra Arsana

    Senior Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank

    is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist based in Indonesia as part of the financial sector team in FCI EAP GP. He leads the implementation of financial sector PASA in the area of innovation and digitization for individuals covering DFS, financial infrastructure, consumer protection, data protection, and regtech-suptech.

    Johan Hubert Roest

    Senior Financial Sector Specialist at the World Bank

    is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist Is based in Singapore and represents CGAP in East Asia and the Pacific with a most of his time being devoted to Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and China. He focuses on Government to Person Payments (G2P) and how digital platforms are affecting the financial lives of the poor. Before joining CGAP, Joep helped establish Wing mobile money in Cambodia. He later moved to Papua New Guinea to work on UNCDF’s mobile money project spanning the South Pacific. He then spent four years as a member of Queen Maxima’s team at the United Nations.

G2P Digitization in Practice Series

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