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Beyond Unicorns: Harnessing Digital Technologies for Inclusion in Indonesia

July 28, 2021

Virtual Publication Launch


Jul 29, 2021

Watch the report launch event

  • As Indonesia grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also experiencing an unprecedented acceleration in the adoption of digital technologies by people, firms and in many instances also by the government. For a country that was already one of the fastest growing digital economies in the region, this represents a unique opportunity to utilize the promise of these technologies to not only build resilience to future shocks, but to also boost competitiveness.

    But will the benefits of a growing digital economy be shared evenly by all segments of Indonesian society? Or will some leapfrog ahead, leaving others behind? Who will the winners and losers be? And what will it take to ensure that digital technologies help reduce existing gaps and inequalities and not actually widen them?

    Join us in this conversation as we explore these questions at the launch of our publication.   


    • H.E. Budi Gunadi Sadikin, Minister of Health, Republic of Indonesia
    • Satu Kahkonen, World Bank Country Director for Indonesia and Timor Leste
    • Steve Scott, Deputy Ambassador, Australia
    • Hassan Zaman, World Bank Regional Director for Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions
    • Ilham Akbar Habibie, Chairman of the National Council for Information and Communications Technologies (Wantiknas)
    • Mira Tayyiba, Secretary General, Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Republic of Indonesia
    • Sati Rasuanto, CEO of VIDA and Deputy Secretary General of Indonesia Fintech Association
    • Sailesh Tiwari, Senior Economist, World Bank

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