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Global Education Policy Dashboard Rollout: New Data for Building Back Better

May 12, 2021



  • As countries make plans to build back better after COVID, they need data on the key drivers of learning throughout their systems, to ensure their actions are evidence-based and have the greatest possible impact. To provide this data, the World Bank is rolling out its new Global Education Policy Dashboard (GEPD).

    This event will offer the first look at what the GEPD offers:  timely, cost-effective, comprehensive, and contextualized new information on the main determinants of learning outcomes throughout an education system.  Examples from the pioneer GEPD countries will show how the new data is helping them respond to the crisis.

    The GEPD collects data on learning outcomes and their drivers at three levels: practices (or service delivery), policies, and politics and bureaucratic capacity. For most countries, much of the data collected by the GEPD is not available from any other source. With this data, the dashboard highlights gaps between current practice in schools and systems and what the evidence suggests would be most effective in promoting learning, while offering governments tools to help set priorities and track progress as they work to close those gaps. As systems build back from COVID school closures in fiscally tight situations, the GEPD can help more countries move forward cost-effectively by identifying the biggest barriers to improved learning.  

  • Opening Remarks:

    Jaime Saavedra, Global Director, Education,  World Bank


    Halsey Rogers, Lead Economist, World Bank

    Sergio Venegas Marin, Young Professional, World Bank


    Lama Al-Natour, Head of Development Coordination Unit, Ministry of Education, Jordan

    Annie Chumpitaz, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Office, Ministry of Education, Peru

    Rachel Glennerster, Chief Economist at UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

    Sara Ruto, Chief Administrative Secretary for Education, Ministry of Education, Kenya

    Miguel Székely, Director of the Center for Education and Social Studies, Mexico


    Reema Nayar, Former Head of Special Initiatives, World Bank