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Realizing the Potential of Blue Economy in Albania

December 15, 2020


  • Coastal and marine resources are valuable economic assets for Albania. The new concept of Blue Economy is being embraced by Albania as an avenue for preventing environmental degradation and ecological imbalances in the use of coastal and marine resources. It offers new and growing opportunities for Albania. These opportunities include sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, tourism in cleaner beaches and coastal waters, re-emphasizing the crucial role of Albania’s natural capital as a source of employment, income and sustainable growth. There is an increasing awareness of the potential of the Blue Economy, as well as the challenges it may face in Albania. These challenges may present an opportunity to encourage positive change and accelerate necessary reforms.

    With the request of Government of Albania, the World Bank has prepared a report on Realizing the Blue Economy potential in Albania, a work that took place between September 2019 and September 2020.

    The report focuses on the significance of Albania’s blue assets; the opportunities provided by the Blue Economy; and policies and sector approaches to be pursued in a transition to Blue Economy.

    Read full report: “Realizing the Potential of Blue Economy in Albania


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  • Chair:



    Maryam Salim,  World Bank Country Manager for Albania



    Dr. Florensa Haxhi, Director General of the Development Programs and Cooperation Unit, at the Prime Minister’s Office, Albania

    Bérengère Prince, Lead Natural Resources Management Specialist, Europe and Central Asia, World Bank

    Prof. Ass. Mihallaq Qirjo, Head of Resource Environmental Center, Albania

    Vullnet Caka, Administrator of EVEREST company



    Drita Dade, Senior Natural Resource Management Specialist,

    Europe and Central Asia region, World Bank

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    Dr. Florensa Haxhi

    Director General of the Development Programs and Cooperation Unit, Prime Minister’s Office

    Dr. Florensa Haxhi Senior policy maker who covers the areas of economic development, national strategic programming and regional cooperation. She currently holds the position of the Director General of the Development Programs and Cooperation Unit, at the Prime Minister’s Office, and is responsible of drafting a number of National Development Programs in different sectors of the economy which are translated into concrete executable national strategic projects with a direct impact to the country’s economic growth, one of them being the National Program of Innovation and Startups. She is also in charge of the coordination of the Regional Economic Area and its Action Plan, since its creation in 2017, with the focus of developing and transforming the Western Balkans region into an economic area where goods, services, people and knowledge move without borders. She has an MBA in international finance and PhD in economics and public policy.


    Bérengère Prince

    Lead Natural Resources Management Specialist, The World Bank

    Bérengère Prince, Lead Natural Resources Management Specialist, has joined the World Bank in 2010 where she has led several blue engagements in Africa, Europe and Latin America. Since her transfer to the Europe and Central Asia region of the World Bank in March 2020, she has been leading the preparation of a new regional program for the Black Sea and serves as a technical lead for teams working in the blue space in Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russia. Since September 2019, she led the preparation of the Realizing the Blue Economy Potential of Albania report. She started her career at the fisheries department of the French Ministry of Agriculture during the French rotating chairmanship of the EU Council in 2000. She is a French national with M.Sc in Agronomy, Natural Resources Management and Fisheries Economics as well as a LL.M in International Business Law.


    Mihallaq Qirjo

    Professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Tirana University

    Mihallaq Qirjo, with an environmental background, lectures at Faculty of Natural Sciences, Tirana University. He is a certified trainer for Education for Sustainable Development. His academic and research work yielded over 30 scientific papers, students’ study books, training manuals, etc. He leads the Resource Environmental Center Albania (REC Albania) a non for profit organization contributing on environmental policy, education and planning in Albania. His contribution comprises the design and implementation of several environmental and development programs of national and regional scale in field of policy and institution structuring, public participation, education, regional cooperation and dialogue. Several projects are focusing on assessment on market development and financial instruments in rural areas, protected areas, energy efficiency, etc.


    Vullnet Caka

    Administrator, EVEREST Company

    Vullnet Caka, the administrator of EVEREST company specialized in the production and recycling of plastic packaging. He is one of the creators of the Albanian Recycling Association (ARA) and Association of Plastic converter (APKA) that represent the plastic industry in Albania. He has represented the recycling industry views and interests in the discussions of the integrated waste management strategy and related legal acts. He has been very vocal in promoting recycling in Albania as part of the waste management hierarchy and circular economy. He has graduated from Faculty of Justice and Military Academy.

Event Details

  • When: Dec 15, 2020 from 14:30 to 15:30
  • Connection : Facebook Live Streaming. Participants can ask questions during the event via Zoom chat. Join Using Zoom (see meeting details below)