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Lessons for Education: Distance learning in São Paulo, one of Latin America's largest school systems | Webinar

July 23, 2020

WEBINAR | 16:00-17:00 Paris time (11:00 Sao Paulo, 10:00 Boston/DC)


Lessons from Education: A joint OECD-HARVARD-HundrED-World Bank webinar


  • The state of São Paulo has one of the largest school systems in Latin America, with 3.5 million students, 5 100 schools and 190 000 teachers. Despite the complexity related to its size and diversity, it was the first state in Brazil to implement consistent measures to respond to school closures due to the COVID19 pandemic. Three features stand out in the measures taken by the State Department of Education: agile planning, mobilization of key actors and funders, and rapid implementation. In a period of 41 days it was able to put together effective measures to provide learning as well as social support to students and their families, with a particular focus on the most disadvantaged. Strong leadership, collaborative work of a dedicated executive team and a network of influential donors are credited to have made the quick response possible.

    Join the national and international education policy makers and researchers as they discuss what lessons can be learned from São Paulo’s experience in this fourth event in the joint Lessons for Education webinar series organized in collaboration by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, OECD, HundrED, and World Bank Education Global Practice.

  • Speakers

    Rossieli Soares

    Education Secretary, São Paulo, Brazil

    Andreas Schleicher

    Director, Education and Skills, OECD

    Fernando M Reimers

    Professor, Practice in International Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

    Lucia Dellagnello

    President and CEO, Center of Innovation for Brazilian Education-CIEB
  • About the Lessons for Education Webinar Series:

    The World Bank Group Education Global Practice, Harvard Global Education Innovation InitiativeHundrED, and the OECD Directorate for Education and Skills have combined their expertise on education to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. As part of this joint initiative, the institutes have gathered information from around the world on how countries are responding to the crisis in the education sector. The webinar series highlights some of the experiences.

    To view the past and upcoming events in the series, please visit: